Knowing when to walk away is Wisdom, being able to is Courage and walking away with your head held high is Dignity



  • About me

    I set up my business as a Break up and Divorce coach in 2017 after working for a number of years running my own lifestyle concierge business.

    This busy role paired with my own experience of divorce back in 2004 organically inspired me to create the life raft of services that I wish had of been on offer to me when my life was turned upside down.

    In many ways I've become the person I wish I'd have known - an inspiring, informed person with an understanding of the legal process with the ability to empower me to do what it is I needed to do to get through this rollercoaster of a journey with my dignity and sanity intact.

    I have trained under celebrity Divorce Coach, Sara Davison and one of her fully accredited Master Practitioner Break up and Recovery coaches as well as being one her Elite corporate training team.


    I work with clients on two levels -

    Relationship Therapy & Exploration


    I have extensive experience in helping clients explore if dissolving their relationship is the right resolution for them. In many cases people experiencing relationship difficulties enter into a state of complete confusion about what it is they need to do and in this space of not knowing make the decision to end the relationship.

    I believe its crucial to take some time and create some space to work through whether ending the relationship is actually the right course of action.

    This exploration can be done through one to one sessions where I work with individuals independently or together as couples to explore and address the issues that have created the acrimony within the relationship.


    "Have you become co-dependent and disempowered in your relationship and need guidance & support to find your way back to a healthy interdependence ? "


    I am committed to working with clients to find the right relationship resolution for their individual circumstances, every relationship is different and there is no one size fits all approach. Finding resolution is not simply a case of making up or breaking up , its about finding a way through the darkness that enables both parties to be happy and fulfilled.


    Support through Relationship Breakdown, Separation & Divorce

    If both parties are resolute that dissolving the relationship is the way forward I am then able to help and support them through the process of separation and if relevant, divorce.

    I can support and advise on the various options available when you're faced with the reality of an irretrievably broken down marriage.

    • I can save you money on your legal bills by coaching through the legal process so that you ask the right questions and get the maximum value from your legal representative.
    • I will give you practical and emotional guidance to ensure you're in the very best possible emotional and psychological headspace to deal with your ever changing emotions and circumstances.
    • I will give you the tools and guidance to enable you to make informed decisions and feel better equipped should you need to go to court .


    Given time and support you will heal and learn many invaluable lessons from this experience, you will survive and if you commit to creating a positive future you will also thrive as a result and I can be here to support and guide you as you move forwards in creating that very future.

    With the right coaching you will have the tools and skills to completely re-design your life just like you did when you were a young adult, you will have choices and be able to create opportunities, rekindle hopes and re-create dreams, un-earth dormant plans and ignite lost bucket lists, this divorce isn't the end of "you", it may be the end of "you" as you know it but in so many ways its a wonderful new beginning....


    Have faith

    Rachel x





  • How Can I help you ?

    Relationship Exploration

    Can we work this out ?

    I offer one to one sessions where I work with individuals or couples to explore issues within their relationships in order to try and find a peaceful and effective solution to the exhausting and destructive cycle that acrimony brings to a relationship , these sessions are informal and are all about creating a space to look at the relationship from a different perspective exploring through talking where any disconnection has occurred and then working to find resolution.

    Divorce Coaching

    How can we separate without it destroying both of our lives ?

    Having experienced relationship breakdown and subsequent divorce myself I understand what it is you're going through and can offer you advice and guidance that will help you to feel better equipped to deal with your ever changing emotions. I can get you to a place where you will understand why you are where you are, what's likely to happen next and how best to deal with it when it does.

    I will empower you to feel strong and in control of your emotions and circumstances and in a far better position to manage the breakdown of your relationship so you can walk away with your dignity and sanity firmly intact. 




    Legal Support

    What does getting divorced actually involve and what is the likely outcome ?

    I often see clients for a "what will this mean for me" session where we talk through what actually happens when you get divorced and what to expect in the coming months, these sessions are very useful for individuals that feel divorce may be on the horizon and want to know a bit more without committing to seeing a lawyer.

    I can work with you should you decide that divorce is the way forward to ensure you have the right legal representation for you and your individual circumstances and give you guidance to help you get through the legal and practical process of divorce including coaching you through the completion of any necessary paperwork such as Form E's, statements and collating all required information in preparation for any formal hearing.

    I can attend solicitors meetings with you to ensure you get the optimum benefit from time spent with your solicitor and be there to support you at any formal hearings as a Mckenzie friend.

    Supporting families through Relationship Breakdown & Divorce

    How can we minimise the emotional impact on our children ?

    I can give you invaluable advice & guidance on how to best emotionally support your children through the process of separation and divorce so that you can manage and minimise the emotional trauma caused, how you manage your circumstances now will have a lasting impact on your children's emotional well being going forward so its important to take the time to consider the longer term effects of divorce on your family dynamic.

    I will work with you to encourage and create healthy communication within the family unit giving you a tool box of coping strategies to help you adjust to the new family dynamic that's being created.

    I can advise you how best to manage the introduction of new partners to your children and coping mechanisms for emotionally dealing with the impact of these new partners will have on yours and your children's lives and offer you the benefit of continued support and guidance as those relationships develop,



    Practical Support- Division of Assets & Chattels

    How do we divide what we have so that its fair ?

    I can assist you with the sale and acquisition of property including arranging valuations with trusted local property agents and supporting you throughout this process. Physically "moving on" from separation or divorce can be very traumatic so its important that you secure the best possible foundation for creating a healthy and independent life and an important part of that is finding somewhere you feel safe, comfortable and happy to call home.

    To make life easier I can arrange for video inventories to be carried out to assist with the division of chattels and also, should it be required arrange for the valuation of any relevant chattels to be carried out by independent and trusted professionals, this can be but not exclusively include wine /artwork/ antiques and jewellery and any other items of high value.


    Moving Forwards:

    I can provide you with:

    • Support in re-designing your life from someone who has done exactly that.
    • Access to my black book of holistic practitioners, property specialists, educational & recruitment consultants etc
    • Coaching to empower you to take the necessary next steps in moving forwards both physically and emotionally
    • Attending & assisting in future property search to ensure you secure the very best possible environment for you and or your family.
    • The reassurance of continued support post divorce.



    Additional Legal Support Services

    I can provide you with:

    • Support in achieving clarity in your understanding of the legal process
    • Coaching to assist you with efficient and effective collation & completion of financial disclosure
    • Coaching for confidence before formal hearings
    • Attending solicitors appointments/ formal legal hearings to get maximum benefit from legal appointments
    • Mckenzie Friend support for formal hearings
    • Support when petitioning for divorce online and advice throughout



  • Consultation Fees


    Virtual (Zoom/Teams/Telephone)

    To book an appointment please use link to diary or buy a session in "store" and we will get in touch to arrange a date and time.



    Session held by Zoom:

    Initial session 90 minutes £175

    Sessions thereafter 60 minutes £145


    In Person Sessions: (Minimum 90 minutes)



    Monthly /intensive support packages can be agreed by separate negotiation.

    Appointments, subject to restrictions can be held on Zoom/ Telephone or face to face at a venue convenient for you (within 10 miles of Cirencester- outside of this mileage is charged at 0.45 per mile) or nationwide by negotiation.


    Mckenzie Friend- support for court hearings

    Half day £580.00 (up to four hours)

    Full day £750 ( Full day)

    Plus mileage and associated expenses.


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    October 9, 2018
    November 15, 2023


    I met Rachael in early 2018 when I was in the first stages of divorce and felt over whelmed by all the paperwork. Rachael arrived at our first meeting calm, positive and professional. After establishing my situation she put things in motion, explaining the initial stages, and the information I would need. I went on to have several more meetings and guided by Rachael explaining what was expected and what I could ignore, steadily worked through the seemingly acres of figures and questions. During this time my confidence in dealing with the divorce grew, we compiled everything and I was able to send it to my solicitor and move on with the divorce.

    Later in the year I lost someone very close to me through illness. My divorce was progressing, however slowly, and while going through a very sad and emotional time I arranged to see Rachael again, she listened, empathised and gave me pertinent practical advice.

    At all times Rachael has been professional, she is warm, friendly and quick to turn her mind to whatever problem arises with relevant knowledge and advice.

    I would not hesitate to recommend her she has been a huge help at one of the most difficult times of my life.

    Sarah Swarbreck


    I was recommended to see Rachel when my husband announced he wanted a divorce at the beginning of lockdown, I was so confused and hurt and needed to talk to someone who could help explain why this was happening, Rachel was amazing and helped me so much, I really couldn't have got through last year without her support and guidance"
    Eleanor Ball